How to BOND?

Joining our community is easy. Simply follow the three steps below to start your first ride

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    Download the app

    Get the BOND app in the AppStore or GooglePlay store. Register with your mobile number and keep your driving licence handy.

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    Find and reserve

    Find an e-bike on the map and reserve it for free for ten minutes.

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    Ride with up to 45kph

    Put on the helmet and enjoy your ride. After your ride, park responsibly at any suitable, publicly accessible place within your city’s perimeter

Let’s BOND

The E-Bike

Safely on the road with high-quality e-bikes. An adjustable helmet offers optimal protection.

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    Up to 45 kph
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    Up to 50km reach
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    Adjustable seatpost
BOND bike
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Phone holder for perfect navigation
BOND bike
Quality and reliable brakes
BOND bike basket
Basket for your belongings

Always be safe

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Every BOND comes with a helmet in the basket. Use it to protect your head. It’s worth it.

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Be conscious of other traffic, bicycles and pedestrians around you. Always ride carefully. Remember: Don’t drink and ride. Please note that the use of cycle paths is not allowed in Germany!

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After your ride, park your e-bike responsibly on a public space within the city’s perimeter. Do not block pathways, streets or doorways.


Do you have any questions?

Find a BOND e-bike near you and reserve it 10 minutes for free.
Once you arrived at your e-bike, unlock it with a swipe to the right in your app. Adjust the saddle with the handle below the seat, use the helmet in the basket, hop on your BOND e-bike and start riding carefully.
If you are having issues with starting your rental please go through the following steps to unlock your BOND and enjoy your ride.
1. Find and unlock the BOND e-bike by swiping “Unlock bike” to the right. Tap on “Book now” to confirm.
2. Is your BOND e-bike still locked? Make sure you started the correct BOND e-bike by comparing the number plate with the number in the app. If they don’t match, you might have unlocked another BOND e-bike nearby.
3. If after following these steps you are still facing issues, don’t worry. Simply get in contact with our customer support. Please use the information indicated on the sticker on the frame to reach out to our customer support. We are always happy to help you out.
A copy of your driver's license will ensure your compliance with local regulations. Upload your driver’s licence directly in the app.
You can activate the parking mode directly in your app to lock your BOND e-bike. With the parking mode in the app you can park your e-bike while you go shopping groceries or having a cup of coffee. While the e-bike is in parking mode, it stays reserved for you and you get charged 4 cents per minute. Simply end the parking mode in your app to unlock the BOND e-bike and continue riding.
Our service is 24/7 available. You can ride your BOND e-bike within the permitted BOND business zone, which is marked by a red border on the map. The area outside of the business zone is shaded in purple.In some countries, the law requires for S-Pedelecs to ride on the street. It is not allowed to ride on bicycle-lanes and to park at a bicycle stand.
Yes, you are obligated to wear a helmet by law because the e-bikes are supported for speeds up to 45 km/h. Safety is our number one priority.
Law requires at least a category AM (Light Motorcycle) driver's license. A valid driver's license (automobile or motorcycle) from a foreign country also meets the minimum requirements to drive a BOND e-bike.
If you have reached your destination and want to park your BOND e-bike, please make sure that:
- You are inside the business zone. This is marked by a red border on the map. the area outside of the business zone is shaded in purple.
- You are in a parking zone.
- Your parking does not block public pathways, public transportation stops, driveways or building entrances of any kind.
- You do not park on private property or in backyards. Push the kickstand down and place the helmet in the basket. Open up the app and tap ‘End booking’ once to end and a second time to confirm.
If anything was not OK with your BOND e-bike, we are happy if you report issue via the “Report issue” button.
Yes. To keep you and our communities safe, every BOND rider needs to abide by the following rules:
- Follow local traffic laws.
- Be 16 years or older.
- Be attentive and ride smart. Watch out for large vehicles, do not drive in blind spots and always be focused and aware of your surroundings, the traffic and pedestrians.
- Wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is essential for safe riding. It is required to wear a helmet in germany.
- Do not drink and ride.
No, you can only unlock and ride one e-bike at a time per account. Invite your friends, so you both get credits for your rides together.
Don't worry, our service team will be happy to help you. Please notify our customer service team and we will locate the e-bike.
You can sign up within seconds:
1. Download the BOND app in the Apple or GooglePlay Store.
2. Create an account with your phone number
3. Upload driver’s license
4. Add your payment method details
You’re ready to BOND!
We are continuously in the process of improving our app. Some features may not be available.
For the best user experience, be sure to always have the latest version of the BOND app.
Yes, in some markets we have. We offer attractive monthly and yearly subscriptions as well as a half-fare subscription that cuts all your costs in half. You can activate the subscription directly in your app.
You can choose to cancel the subscription before it ends, otherwise it does renew itself automatically.
Are you sure you’re inside the business zone? Our business zone is marked by a red border on the map. The area outside of the business zone is shaded in purple. Although there is no problem with riding outside the business area, you are not able to end your ride outside that area.
Please check if you are unsure. Rentals outside of the zone cannot be ended. You might also be unable to end your ride if you find yourself on the border. Please repark and end your ride once fully inside the business zone.
Once you’ve found a suitable parking spot, open the app and tap “End booking” once to end and a second time to confirm.
If after following these steps you are still facing issues, don’t worry. Simply get in contact with our customer support. Please use the information indicated on the sticker on the frame to reach out to our customer support. We are always happy to help you out.
Don’t panic! We are very sorry that this has occurred. If you are injured, please call the ambulance tel 112. If there is a high property damage, call the police tel 117. Please call our customer support team and let them know. Our service team will take care of your e-bike. Unfortunate events happen, however, we wish you a speedy recovery.
With BOND, there are four ways to get free credits:
- Mobility Hubs:
In some markets, you can end your ride at a mobility hub (flash pin on the map) and plug in your e-bike within seconds to charge it. The exact process is indicated at the charging station. Every plug-in gives you credits for your next rides.
- Redeem a voucher code:
Follow us on social media , Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss any voucher code. You can enter a voucher code directly in the app. Tap on 'Redeem code' in the sidebar menu and enter the code. The credit will be added directly to your account.
- Bonus zones:
In some markets, the app shows you how many bonus credit you receive in the bonus zone. Place your BOND e-bike within the bonus zone on a public and easily accessible bicycle parking lot and end your booking. The bonus credits will be added to your account shortly.
- Invite friends:
Recommend BOND to all your friends easily via app.
At BOND we work hard to use 100% renewable energies for the power of your rides that make an important contribution to sustainability.
The price for a BOND e-bike ride consists of a fixed activation (unlock) fee and a price per kilometre ridden. While the BOND is in parking mode, you get charged a very low, fixed minute price. You get charged after your ride. Please find the exact prices for your country within your app.


Unlock fee: 1 €

Price per km: 0.49 €

Subscriptions coming soon.


Unlock fee: 1 €

Price per km: 0.49€

Subscriptions available in your app.


Unlock fee: 1 CHF

Price per km: 0.89 CHF

Subscriptions available in your app.

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Ready to Ride?

Download the BOND app and move ahead.
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