Sustainability on the move with BOND during the European Mobility Week


Since 2002, the "European Mobility Week" has focused on improving public health and quality of life in European cities. The campaign gives people the opportunity to explore alternatives and try a wide range of practical solutions that address clean mobility and more sustainable transport, as well as challenges that arise in the urban traffic jungle such as stop-and-go traffic and air pollution. This year, the European Mobility Week is taking place for the 19th time throughout Europe from the 16th to the 22nd of September. Under the motto "Zero-emission mobility for all", companies and organizations across the continent are offering projects to promote sustainable and emission-free mobility. Particularly in view of the lockdown period, the focus here is on what conclusions. What we can draw about urban mobility of the future and what potential can still be found in sustainable transport options.

One of EMW's topics: The year 2020 - and what we’ve learned from the pandemic

Who doesn’t remember the pictures at the beginning of the almost worldwide lockdown showing well-known landmarks without smog clouds and aerial photographs of industrialized countries almost completely unpolluted? This year, the European Mobility Week takes stock - and shows where the focus has shifted and what we can change in our everyday lives. Above all, the reduction of daily traffic has had such an enormous impact on our daily lives that the return to normality is perceived as a greater stress factor. As a result, many people are moving from the city to the countryside. Yet, it is not only the burden placed on city dwellers by inner-city traffic that is an issue. But also the question of what lessons can be learned from the sudden lockdown. For many people it has not only become feasible to work from home but has almost become a "new normal".

But even if the number of traffic jams can be reduced in this way, some employees must physically get to their workplace and cannot work from home. These essential employees went from invisible to visible workers during the lockdown. They need opportunities for priority mobility and local transport.

Health has also increasingly been the focus of attention. According to current studies, lack of exercise, environmental pollution and unhealthy behavior significantly increase the risk of serious illness. It is time to change that – but how? Especially within large cities, it's not always easy to integrate healthy behavior into daily life. Work routes that are travelled by bicycle require a safe infrastructure without any unpleasant surprises such as roots, road hazards or the like. At ground level also allows for quicker driving styles without the driver arriving sweaty at the office.

But the smallest road users are also in focus. Children who are brought to school by their parents contribute significantly to traffic congestion. Thus increase the risks for other children who are walking or cycling. In turn, this leads to more parents deciding to bring their children to school by car. A vicious circle that must be broken permanently and for which sustainable alternatives must be created.


Climate-friendly mobility for everyone - what we at BOND are contributing to the European Mobility Week

With our BOND e-bikes, we have created a highly sustainable transportation option with a very low carbon footprint, offering a real alternative to ICE mobility in the urban core. With the BOND BRAVA e-bikes, riders reach their destination the fastest and in many respects create an added-value. This benefits not only the city dwellers, but also other travelers such as children. After all, if there are more bicycles instead of cars on the road, more children can cycle to school. Instead of blocked roads, we want areas that are free of parked vehicles. As vehicles parked carelessly often cause pedestrians crossing the overbooked streets.

We are aware that climate change is a major issue and we are doing our best to do our part for a greener future. This includes swappable batteries on our bikes, longer lifespan of the e-bikes and 100% usage of renewable energies. And last but not least, the possibility of CO2-free rides without air pollution and noise.

At BOND, we have a vision that goes far beyond simply saving CO2. We want to show people across the board an opportunity that will positively impact their lifestyle. We want to provide them with the fun of fresh air and exercise without having to spend more time. In a nutshell, we want to increase their quality of life many times over. That’s why we’re looking forward to every rider who uses the European Mobility Week to try new ways of mobility. And we’re giving you the chance to do so too. With the code MOBILITYACTION we will load 10 € on your BOND account between September 16th and 22nd and waive the starting-fee of an e-bike ride. A good opportunity to switch to a BOND e-bike is September 22nd - because that is when the Car Free Day takes place all over Europe.

Happy Riding – and enjoy the European Mobility Week 2020!