Zurich, 20.07.2020

Court rules in favour of BOND Mobility: Swiss cities can’t impose fees for E-Bike sharing!

The Governor’s Office of the City of Zurich has approved an appeal by the company 'BOND Mobility' against the obligation to obtain a permit and pay fees for the 'free floating' E-Bike sharing system. In doing so, the office follows the argumentation of BOND Mobility that the high-quality, stationless E-Bike sharing system of BOND Mobility does not represent an 'increased public use' and is therefore not subject to a permit or fee obligation.

On April 1, 2019, the city of Zurich introduced new usage regulations that imposed horrendous fees on free floating micromobility operators. At CHF 120 per year for an e-bike (space requirement 1m2), these fees per square metre would have been more than four times the fees of a resident parking card for motorists (CHF 300 for 12m2). In the opinion of BOND Mobility and the majority of the municipal council, this excessive discrimination against cyclists compared to motorists contradicts the goals of sustainability pledges made by City of Zurich.

In the order, the Governor’s Office states that the use of public space by e-bikes is 'in accordance with the regulations and in the public interest' and therefore neither the regulations decreed by the City of Zurich nor the usage fee regulations are to be applied. The Governor’s Office justified its decision by stating, among other things, that the use of the public property by BOND Mobility serves the intended purpose of using the streets. This is independent of whether the vehicles are owned, leased or rented.

BOND Mobility is pleased about the positive decision of not paying fees for its fleet which, according to an ETH Zürich study, sustainably replaces car journeys in urban cores. Raoul Stöckle, Co-Founder and CEO of BOND Mobility, expressed his enthusiasm: 'Our E-Bikes are in great demand in times like these: The need for active mobility without the risk of infection is growing for customers and authorities alike. The positive decision of the governor's office promotes healthy and sustainable transport even more and we are excited to be able to drive mobility into the future together with city officials around the globe'.

Zurich is regarded as a major European test market for micromobility companies. In recent months, many companies have launched their European market entry in the largest Swiss city. “The fact that this exact city is now making a favourable judgement for E-Bike sharing systems is likely to have an international impact on the micromobility industry”, Prabin Joel Jones, VP of BOND and micromobility Analyst, says. “We expect that other European governments will very closely monitor this development and might change their legislation in favour of E-Bike sharing systems”.

About Bond Mobility

BOND Mobility's vision is to create urban freedom: As the world's first premium e-bike start-up (using “S-Pedelecs” with acceleration up to 45kmh), BOND Mobility changes the traffic and transportation sector in the area of shared micromobility services

BOND Mobility (Bike ON Demand) has been active in Switzerland since 2016. In addition to Zurich and Berne, E-Bikes are also available for rental in Helsinki and Munich, with new cities being added continuously. The e-bikes can be booked via app and parked at any public place after the end of the journey. BOND Mobility employs around 65 people worldwide, who drive the development forward and ensure the smooth running and quality assurance of the e-bikes 7 days a week.

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