BOND Stays For Those Who Still Need To Move


It's like a déjà vu: COVID-19 cases on the rise, people all over Europe facing new restrictions or lockdowns and local businesses struggling to survive - all this is already happening for the second time this year.

We care about the people who still need to move for those essential tasks being so important to our society. Therefore, we continue operating in all markets to support the citizens that have to move for those purposes, such as healthcare, grocery shopping, schooling, or others. On top of that, we are starting to make our e-bikes easily available by focusing them around hospitals and commuter hubs.

Additional Measures To Protect Riders and Staff

As safety is always top of mind at BOND, we introduced additional precautionary measures to protect our riders and our staff. Since the beginning, our office staff is working from home and all our warehouse employees have received dedicated training in order to meet the sanitary requirements for disinfection as we increase the frequency of sanitation of our e-bikes and helmets. Additionally, we protect the health of our riders by equipping the entire e-bike fleet with a homologated, long-lasting anti-viral coating.

BOND Supports Local Businesses - Again

Back in spring we supported not only hospital workers on their commute, also, we helped local restaurants developing their take-away options. By providing our e-bikes, they could meet the increased demand for food delivery to people’s homes. Now more than ever, this collaborative approach is needed again. We are now working hard to implement this support for front-line workers another time.


Please reach out to us with any ideas on how we could support the communities in the BOND cities further. Because we are all in this together.