Why BOND is Building Up a Smart Charging Network


As our BOND Brava e-bikes are built smart, they can be charged in two different ways. Either our service heroes swap an empty battery with a full one or our e-bikes are powered using a charging cable. The cool thing with these is, that they can be made accessible to everybody in public places. And that’s the magic behind BOND charging stations.


In Zurich, the first city we operated in, we have built a dense network of charging spots. Riders can find them looking for the bolt icons in the app. When riding a bike with a low battery, riders can choose to end their ride at a charging spot. By connecting the bike to the charger, the automatic charging process starts and the rider gets rewarded. Our users love the thought-through concept: last year alone, 1 out of 4 batteries were charged by riders at our charging spots. The fact that 86% of our riders that have ridden a BOND once, use it again, proves us being on the right track offering smart solutions to our riders. Including our rider in the operations lowers all costs as this community-based model is a novelty within the industry.

Win-Win for Private Companies and the Transport Industry

Naturally, e-bikes gather at such charging spots. That makes it interesting for riders but also for companies or universities having a charging spot or a Bonus Zone at their entrance. Employees ride their bike to work and can count on a fully charged BOND by the end of the day.

Regular physical activity is beneficial for our planet and it is also a health preventive measure: it reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 31%. Managers thus support this sustainable commute as their employees are healthier. Especially amid the pandemic, e-bikes ridership has proven to be a suitable transport option for the ones that still need to move.


Beyond private companies and universities, BOND is also well integrated in the public transport network. Thanks to the long-lasting partnership with The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), BOND is part of their so-called Sharing Zones. These can be found at the busiest train station in Switzerland. With this approach of seamless mobility, we are taking another important step in the right direction to increase the availability and acceptance of micromobility.

Start being part of the community today, download our app, and end your next ride at one of our Charging Stations.