3 Years of Bonus Zones: How Our Community Got Thousands of Free Rides


This month marks the third anniversary of BOND’s Bonus Zones. With our riders, the geofenced areas marked in the app are more popular than ever.

Here’s one of many rider stories happening in our native city Zurich. Sarah, a young mechanical engineer student is a frequent BOND rider. Before she starts a ride, she usually checks the app for Bonus Zones close to her destination. Every now and then, she decides to end her ride in a Bonus Zone, as her ride will get cheaper parking her e-bike in a popular hotspot. She feels somehow proud knowing that her e-bike will soon be taken by another happy rider – sharing is caring. Like Sarah, many riders enjoy free rides and help to redistribute the bikes within the city.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, we have managed to predict the demand for e-bikes in a city. Our systems are constantly checking the number of bookable BOND e-bikes at certain hotspots. Once too few e-bikes are detected in an area, a Bonus Zone automatically pops up directly in our app. Riders like Sarah ride their e-bikes to the Bonus Zone to get rewarded. As the number of e-bikes meet the predicted demand, the Bonus Zone disappears.

Bonus Zones: a clear Win-Win

The BOND community loves our Bonus Zone feature – and not only for the free rides. It reflects a thought-through solution offering benefits to everyone. Besides increasing availability at popular spots, while riders enjoy more economical trips, this community-based approach also allows rebalancing our fleet without the use of trucks. In addition, we can further extend the geofence to larger parts of a city. Thanks to this, riders like Sarah can enjoy an emission-free ride to friends outside of the city center.

Up to today, we have rewarded our riders with thousands of free rides. We encourage our community to consider Bonus Zones with their next trip as these will roll out soon in all BOND cities.