New ways of micromobility: Ride BOND e-bikes with &Charge in Munich and Hamburg


The term "micromobility" was one of the most searched terms on Google in 2019. No wonder, the small and light means of transportation promise a simple and fast solution for the so-called "last mile" in city traffic. Parking spaces are scarce, streets are congested, and especially short distances often confront city dwellers with the tormenting question: Should I take the car now or do I prefer not to give up my parking space?

But are these smallest micromobility vehicles really the future of this everyday mobility in the coming years, or do we have to re-think micromobility for cities? After all, inner-city routes in particular often require agile vehicles with more power, so that city dwellers really do leave their cars behind – and make their "green" contribution to everyday traffic with an alternative vehicle. It has to be easily accessible, quickly bookable and affordable and please not too complicated to use – as easy as riding a bike.

Two partners, one goal: to provide real added value for mobility transition and city dwellers.

With the City-Start in Hamburg we have entered into a cooperation for all users in Munich and Hamburg, which not only makes it easier for shorter distances and commuters to switch from their cars to a BOND bicycle, but also makes it free of charge - together with the Frankfurt company &Charge. With this first loyalty program for sustainable mobility, &Charge rewards customers with a kilometer credit, which can be used for different stores as well as for a variety of free mobility trips. In addition, the so-called "charging time" is addressed – &Charge digitally networks retailers, restaurants, charging station operators, traction power providers and online shops.

In this way, customers can discover interesting possibilities during the charging process and local retailersin the city centers also benefit – a win-win situation for everyone. In addition to a 10 Euro starting credit from BOND, &Charge customers receive 10 kilometers, which can then be used for free rides in the future. In Hamburg this is roughly three times the distance from Eimsbüttel to St. Pauli; In Munich, the route from Odeonsplatz to Flaucher - and back - can be comfortably ridden.

Raoul Stoeckle, the CEO of BOND Mobility, is excited about these new opportunities to promote micromobility and the important mobility transition especially in cities with heavy traffic. "The partnership with &Charge is just as beneficial for us as it is for our users. Due to the rapid development of digitisation, we see that offers that are interlinked can also benefit from one another in the long term."

Simon Vogt, CSO and co-founder of &Charge: "We are very pleased about this long-term partnership with BOND Mobility. BOND Mobility relies on e-bikes as an on-demand solution that can be moved at a top speed of up to 45 km/h, making them a really great addition to our &Charge mobility platform. Together we will drive forward the mobility revolution and, above all, make affordable, sustainable mobility accessible to a broad mass of people"


For more than just the "last mile" - the e-bike BOND Brava

Often it is not only the price that decides which vehicle is really chosen to reach your destination - it is rather the availability and comfort, the safety and the answer to the question of whether we can reach our destination quickly. With our BOND Brava e-bikes in German cities, we can add an important criterion here that brings a smile to the lips of all city dwellers, especially in spring, summer and the golden autumn: because nothing makes you arrive at your destination as relaxed as a summer breeze of wind in your face and a gentle scent of flowering urban greenery in your nose - perhaps the most important reason to rethink micromobility.