BOND and FREE NOW Team Up to Bring Mobility Further


BOND was the world’s first e-bike sharing platform in 2016, and we wanted to do it again. That’s why BOND was recently integrated into the FREE NOW platform, becoming the first e-bike sharing provider in Hamburg, Germany. Now, riders can book BOND e-bikes in Hamburg and Munich via their app, in addition to BOND’s App.

The partnership with FREE NOW is another step to have a positive impact on cities and provide more choices for people to move around quicker, in a safer and healthier way. BOND now goes beyond creating freedom for people in urban areas. It is also part of the massive trend towards sustainable mobility. The future of mobility is multimodality and platforms that combine various forms of mobility - tailormade to rider’s needs.


“We are proud to team up with FREE NOW and be the first speed e-bike provider in the city of Hamburg. Together we can accelerate the future of mobility through multimodal and more accessible platforms," says Raoul Stöckle, CEO of BOND Mobility.

BOND is the perfect fit into Hamburg's mobility mix

"We are thrilled to have an innovative and new mobility solution in Hamburg with BOND Mobility. E-bikes are very much in vogue and contribute to the traffic revolution. In addition, a ride on an electric bicycle is simply fun. With BOND, we have integrated a partner into our app that completely fits with us. And, above all, into the mobility mix of the city of Hamburg" says Alexander Mönch, head of FREE NOW Germany.

This joint initiative is another milestone for FREE NOW as a multi-service provider. “We have already integrated several strong partners in the last few months. Together with BOND, we are now offering the first-speed e-bike fleet in a progressive mobility city like Hamburg. We are looking forward to a cooperative partnership, exciting learning, and joint initiatives in other cities," adds Silvia Fischer, Vice President Partnerships at FREE NOW.

New BOND Brava e-bikes across Germany

All over Germany, there are brand new BOND Brava e-bikes on the streets. They score, especially with a robust bike made for sharing, equipment, power and a very accurate GPS. One battery charge is enough for more than 50km. Empty batteries are swapped directly on the road to reduce operational costs as well as Co2 emissions. For more safety, all BOND Brava e-bikes have a rearview mirror, a horn, and a high-quality helmet. The smartphone can be fastened in the universal phone holder for better navigation.

BOND e-bikes riders in Germany need to take into account the applicable speed limits as well as the local traffic regulations. Download the BOND App and take a feel-good e-bike ride in the city today - the first one is on us.