BOND Stays For Those Who Still Need To Move


We care about the people who still need to move for those essential tasks being so important to our society. Learn more on what we do to support our communities.


Why BOND is Building Up a Smart Charging Network


Have you ever wondered how our e-bikes get charged once the battery is low? Learn more about BOND charging stations and get interesting insights on our business partnerships.


3 Years of Bonus Zones: How Our Community Got Thousands of Free Rides


We have been there: looking for a micromobility vehicle the next bookable option is too far away. Other vehicles seem to gather in the outskirts of the city. Micromobility as a whole is facing this exact concern. Here is how BOND Mobility solves this issue by including our community.


The E-bike: A 21st century icon


The e-bike has been one of the most significant innovations of the 21st century. Over the last 15 years at least 160 million have been sold. The idea of adding a rechargeable battery, a motor and a control system to an invention of the 19th century has transformed the industry. A simple idea that surprised the world with the elegance, flexibility and delight it has created.


BOND and FREE NOW Team Up to Bring Mobility Further


The partnership with FREE NOW is another step to have a positive impact on cities and provide more choices for people to move around quicker, in a safer and healthier way. Read about the details of the partnership and why BOND fits perfectly into Hamburg’s mobility mix.


The key behind BOND’s partnership with ETH Zürich


BOND Mobility and ETH Zürich joined forces in January 2017 to carry out a joint research project. Today, this collaboration is a fruitful partnership. Thus, we met with Sarah Springman, Rector at ETH Zürich, for a chat. She discussed the partnership, the shared vision, and her connection to BOND Mobility.


Sustainability on the move with BOND during the European Mobility Week


Climate-friendly mobility for everyone. At BOND we are contributing to the European Mobility Week. We also comment on one of EMW's topics; “The year 2020” and what we’ve learned from the pandemic.


New ways of micromobility: Ride BOND e-bikes with &Charge in Munich and Hamburg


With the city launch in Hamburg we have entered into a cooperation for all users in Munich and Hamburg, which not only makes it easier for shorter distances and commuters to switch from their cars to a BOND bicycle, but also makes it free of charge.


Brava: The Next BOND Bike


The BOND Brava is the latest e-bike model of the BOND Mobility fleet. Why we see similarities to an iPhone and why it is the game-changing alternative for riders and cities. The BOND Brava is currently live in Hamburg, Munich and Zurich - more cities to come soon.

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