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Fast and not bound to conventional modes of transport from meeting to meeting? Fringe benefits for your employees? BOND offers tailor-made mobility solutions for your company and postions you as a forward-thinking company.

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Mobility Hub
Modern workplaces offer a broad range of mobility solutions to their staff. With a BOND mobility hub you increase the availability of premium BOND e-bikes at your location and your staff benefits from a healthy way of commuting to and from the workplace.
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Corporate Fleet
Some of our customers describe it as business essential already. With your own e-bike fleet you provide the fastet solution to travel to meetings in urban areas. The combination of a shared and private fleet is unique - meet with your business BUSINESSs for lunch with your own e-bike, commute to the workplace from anywhere in your city with an e-bike from our shared fleet, without the need of switching apps. BOND provides this solution as the only one in the market.
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Mobile Advertising
Launching a new product or service? Spread the word all over the cities we operate in. Our e-bikes are bookable 24/7. With a high booking rate per bike and day, you choose a new form of making your brand and product visible. Contact us for more information about this new concept of advertsing.
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Employee Mobility
Position your company as an attracive workplace with health benefits. Invest in your staff and sustainable mobility.
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The full package: Use your creative freedom to brand a number of e-bikes or even a whole fleet of a city to transport your message on a 24/7 moving shared e-bike.